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Social Media Networks Affecting Relationships

Social Media Sites Affecting Relationships

Social Media Sites Affecting RelationshipsThe social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are famous all around the world. Each day numbers of relationships are developing through the social media but, it is causing stress to relationships. There are plenty of reasons why the relationships established through social media sites do not last long.

The social media networks have taken over the world. Where the use of internet and social media networks has brought so much advancement in communication, it has also posed some serious problems to numerous relationships all around the world. It has observed that relationships are now developing through the social media networks. At the same time, it has been observed that quicker the relationships are establishing on social media networks, sooner they are ending. Hence, this is becoming a stressful situation all around the world that social media causes stress in relationships.

The social media causes stress in relationships in various ways such as a spouse can find a new love by the use of social media networks. In a recent research where it was mentioned that popularity of social media means more affairs and increased number of marriages. Hence, increased number of divorces will take place too. Thus, the social media causes stress in relationships as it is becoming a trend for finding new partners. In a recent article it was clearly mentioned that the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many other is making people in love with new people without knowing them.

It is a common practice among number of people on social websites that they lie to others to gain the trust. However, for a time being they settle in relationship but, just over months when they start knowing each others, they break up. Social media causes stress in relationships, as if some people are having a bad day at home with spouse, they turn to social media to relieve their stresses but by doing so they actually create more stresses to their relationships.

 In America, according to a new research, more than 70% of lawyers are busy in dealing the marriage cases that have been established through social media websites which clearly is a perfect example that social media causes stress in relationships. In most cases, when people turn into a relationship through social media networks and decide to marry, their families do not accept this new relationship. This becomes the reason why people cut off from their families which increases the amount of stress in relationships. Hence, the social media is causing serious damages to relationships in today’s world.

Thus, if you are one out of billions who are using social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter on daily basis, then you must not forget the consequences. While making a new friend or getting emotionally attached with a person on social media websites, you must first think how it will affect your life and how long your relationship will last. There is nothing bad in establish relationships even through social media but, you should ensure yourself that it will bring pleasure to your life. Otherwise, it is advisable that not to turn into a relationship via these sites as social media causes stress in relationships which will make your life unhappy. Thus, be careful and learn the positive use of social media sites.

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