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Office Romance

Office relationships or indulging into a romance with your co-workers can be fun, satisfying yet destructive, where it can amazingly turn your workplace into a corny place, it can also make your dream job unbearably hard to continue.

As we meet a lot of young and beautiful singles in office every day, it’s so natural for love to bloom amidst all the work and office meetings. Having a relationship with your coworker has a good side as well as the bad side. If the good side goes well enough, there are many chances for the wedding bells to ring but if the bad luck knocks at your office, imagine leaving your dream job to protect your respect and honor and ego.

Talking about the good side, office romance can be fun, adventurous, corny and very satisfying as you both can be together and be with each other for the full whole day, the little smiles, winks, coffee together in lunch break and above all, seeing the beautiful smile of each other every day can take you both on a love-filled, romantic journey in your relationship.

Another advantage of being in a relationship with your coworker is that since you spend so many hours together at work, you will already have an of what she is like, which will save you from lots of headaches down the road.

Let’s talk about the bad aspects of office romance now, firstly no matter how well the relationship is going, the situation itself is a recipe for disaster. The fact that couples are in constant contact with one another day and night may sap out the charm within the relationship. Everyone needs “alone time” to pursue hobbies or hang out with friends and the lack thereof may cause relationships to self-destruct.

As in office environment, everyone is bound to follow certain rules, imagine telling your girlfriend that she’s fired! Yes and that code of conduct may become a reason of distance between you and your partner. Therefore always be sure to avoid accusations of favoritism, which may harm the morale of colleagues.

The green eyed monster, jealousy is another negative issue, as in office, you must keep your relationship a secret, you might get to see other employees flirting and trying to impress your partner or vice versa, which can cause distrust and jealousy ultimately making a recipe for break-up for you two.

Well, this is the bad side, but there can be a worst side, if you break-up with your coworker! Hence before beginning a relationship, must consider the consequences of break-up. However, there is a large number of couples out there, who are coworkers and are enjoying their work and life to the fullest!

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