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10 Times Your Brother Stood Up for You

10 Times Your Brother Stood Up for You

No matter how many times you fight and no matter how much you hit each other, when it comes to standing up for your sibling you will never back down. After all, behind those fights there is endless love. Here are the times your brother stood up for you.

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10 Times Your Brother Stood Up for You
10 Times Your Brother Stood Up for You

1. When you got your first Girlfriend.

2. When you wanted to study abroad.

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3. When you didn’t do well on your exams.

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4. When you wanted to extend your deadline in college.

5. When you planned to go on your UK trip with your friends.

6. When your parents tell you it’s time to get married. He steers them clear off the subject.

7. Whenever you wanted extra money (apart from your pocket money).

8. Whenever your parents shouted at you for short attendance. He told them that it wasn’t a big deal.

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9. When you needed him to cover up for you while you went out on a sneak.

10. When you needed to teach someone a lesson. He was ALWAYS there. Who dared to hurt his sister?

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