7 Signs You’re Dating A Psychopath And Will End Up In Heartbreak

In fact, for a lot of ladies out there, it may come as a surprise to know that the man in their life possess certain psychotic traits. So, to help you out, we have put together 7 traits that will help you identify that you are dating a psychopath.

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1. Too serious too soon

Is someone on the second date talking about true love and spending the rest of the life together? Well, in that case, you are most likely getting trapped in the psycho circus. Even if you believe in ‘love at first sight’, both of you would still need some time to take some serious decision. Well, it is the first sign you are dating a psychopath, “beware”!

2. He is always in a financial mess

People with disoriented career goals, unstable bank accounts, nearly no savings and securities can also be the ones to fall into the category of being a psychopath. Whether it is their financial condition that lead to this mental disorder, or it is their genetic psychopathy that does not let them keep their job; there surely is a deep connection between the two.

3. You feel he lacks empathy and compassion

Does he lack emotions, empathy and compassion? Falling for a less compassionate partner is not weird because we often fall for people who are different than the lot. However, gradually you will realise that someone who lacks emotions, care and concern is not just hard to live with, but also needs special care and attention. To cut it short, he needs psychopathic treatment.

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4. He backs out from his statements every now and then

You made a plan and he said a ‘yes’! But, the very next day, he changed his mind. What’s more? He is not even remorseful about spoiling your plan and mood. If this happens to you quite often, then it is time to be a bit more cautious about your relationship with this guy!

5. Lying is an easy game for him

Does he lie to you more often than not and that too even for the situations where it was not even needed at all? Psychopaths have a personality disorder and hence, they sometimes themselves mix up the truth with the lies. They might not be deceiving you, but they are out of their minds. Well, do you really want to keep this relationship?

6. He is paranoiac

Is he constantly on a lookout for unusual moves and signs to suspect and accuse you of cheating? Be it your dress or your Facebook account, he wants to keep a check on everything and does everything possible to take over your life. So, if you have a skin infection that looks like a love bite, you are neck deep in trouble girl. Well, do you really want to spend your entire life like that?

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7. He is over-possessive

Okay, you missed his call while you were at the salon. But not one, you missed at least 20 calls during the short span in which you were in the parlour! By the time you get back to them, they probably would have called up all your friends, cousins, home and every possible connection who might have your whereabouts. Isn’t that psychopathic behaviour?

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