Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Has Improved Since Jan 6 Protests

 Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Has Improved Since Jan 6 Protests


Trump is running two points ahead of Joe Biden on average in 2024 contests between the two of them.

Former President Donald Trump’s popularity has not decreased as much as many liberals perhaps hoped in the midst of the highly broadcast and little-watched J6 Tribunal TV hearings.

According to CNN, Trump left office with the lowest approval rating of any president at the end of his first term, partially due to the events of Jan 6. His unfavorable rating decreased from 58 to 52 percent and his favorable rating increased from 39 to 43 percent during that time.

So, Trump’s favorability rating is -9 points. His approval rating during his term as president was -12 points.

Trump is typically running two points ahead of Joe Biden in 2024 contests against the incumbent president. In terms of raw statistics, Trump has led Biden in more recent surveys than he did during the entirety of the 2020 election.

Trump still leads the GOP field of contenders even though he is no longer the only contender among conservatives.

Around 80% of Republicans approve of Trump, with Republicans holding a higher opinion of him than Democrats.

With roughly 50% of the vote, Trump continues to lead the field in the national primary polls, outperforming any non-incumbent since the 1950s.

As per Headlineusa, previous non-incumbents with comparable polling levels all went on to win their party’s nomination for president.

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, who has a greater favorability rating among Republicans who have an opinion on both potential candidates, could, however, put a wrench in Trump’s numbers.

Trump is still in a strong position, which after Jan. 6 and the Democrats’ continuous witch hunt attacks, one may have believed impossible.

Trump is “less unpopular,” according to CNN because he “is no longer the president.”

Trump may have received a surprise boost due to the long-lasting impact he has had on the Supreme Court as well as the seeming reverse effect of the J6 show trials.

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