Donald Trump Unleashes Early Morning Tirade Against Biden and DOJ on Social Media

 Donald Trump Unleashes Early Morning Tirade Against Biden and DOJ on Social Media

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In a vivid and early morning outburst, former President Donald Trump expressed his frustration and anger through a series of messages on his social media platform, Truth Social. This tirade targeted President Biden, the Department of Justice, and what Trump described as a deliberate political conspiracy against him.

His statements come as he prepares for a trial next week concerning hush money payments, which is just one among several legal battles he currently faces. Trump’s stream of posts began with a pointed criticism aimed at the Biden administration.

Trump expressed his outrage by claiming, “The White House Thugs should not be allowed to have these dangerous and unfair Biden Trials during my campaign for President. All of them, civil and criminal, could have been brought more than three years ago. It is an illegal attack on a Political Opponent. It is Communism at its worst, and Election Interference at its Best.”

He then focused on the upcoming trial, stating vehemently, “No such thing has ever happened in our Country before. On Monday I will be forced to sit, GAGGED, before a HIGHLY CONFLICTED & CORRUPT JUDGE, whose hatred for me has no bounds. All of these New York and D.C. “Judges” and Prosecutors have the same MINDSET. Nobody but this Soros Prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, wanted to take this ridiculous case.”

Trump accused Judge Alvin Bragg of having a personal vendetta against him, intensifying the tension surrounding the legal proceedings. In his message, Trump continued, “All legal scholars say it is a sham. BIDEN’S DOJ IS RUNNING THE CASE. Just think of it, these animals want to put the former President of the United States (who got more votes than any sitting President!), & the PARTY’S REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, IN JAIL, for doing absolutely nothing wrong. It is a RUSH TO THE FINISH. SO UNFAIR,” Radar reported.

Shifting his focus from the DOJ and the judiciary, Trump then targeted President Biden directly, critiquing his policies with strong language. He claimed, “For 3 years, Crooked Joe Biden has flooded our Country with tens of millions of Illegal Aliens while insisting he could do nothing to stop it. Do NOT be fooled by any phony Biden Executive Order.

As per Newsweek, Crooked Joe opposes Deportations, and he wants to turn his Illegal Migrants into Voting Citizens. He is giving them Free Welfare, Healthcare, and Housing, and he’s letting them crash our Hospitals, our Education System, and Social Security and Medicare, while our Communities are under siege from Migrant Crime. On Day One, I will Deport Crooked Joe’s Illegals, and SHUT THE BORDER DOWN!”

The timing of Trump’s fiery comments aligns with media discussions about his potential fear of imprisonment. The upcoming hush money trial has spurred speculations about his deepening anxiety. Fox News hosts Jessica Tarlov and Jeanine Pirro discussed Trump’s possible motivations for his vocal public defense. Tarlov suggested, “He is doing his darndest to make sure that he doesn’t have to show up in any of these courtrooms because he’s definitely afraid of what’s going to happen there.”

Pirro countered with, “He’s not afraid of anything…I know him. He’s not.” The trial, scheduled to start on Monday, April 15, has already experienced several delays at the request of Trump’s legal team, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing saga.

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