“I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GAGGED” Donald Trump Reacts on Truth Social to Stormy Daniels Testimony and Courtroom Drama

 “I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GAGGED” Donald Trump Reacts on Truth Social to Stormy Daniels Testimony and Courtroom Drama

AP Photo/Nathan Howard

Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to express a triumphant sentiment after a day filled with dramatic testimonies and courtroom admonishments. This eventful day involved adult film star Stormy Daniels disclosing embarrassing details from her interactions with Trump, which she described as “mortifying,” and a New York City judge reprimanding Trump for audibly cursing during the proceedings.

The incidents occurred during Trump’s ongoing criminal trial where he is accused of falsifying business records. These charges relate to an alleged cover-up of hush money payments made to Daniels just before the 2016 presidential election. After the court adjourned for the day, Trump posted his reactions, framing the day’s events in a way that seemed to highlight his defiance against the judicial restrictions placed upon him, told CBS News.


Amidst this backdrop, Trump voiced his frustrations over a specific directive from Justice Juan Merchan, which prohibited him from launching online attacks against witnesses and jurors. Earlier that day, Trump had hastily deleted a vehement rant from his social media, which seemed to be prompted by concerns that it might violate the court’s gag order—a decree he had already violated multiple times, resulting in threats of jail time for contempt of court.

During her testimony, Daniels recounted personal conversations and details that painted an intimate picture of her encounters with Trump. She claimed that Trump had assured her not to worry about his marriage, as he and his wife did not share a bedroom. Additionally, Daniels revealed that Trump had compared her favorably to his daughter Ivanka and humorously accused him of stealing his silky pajamas from Hugh Hefner.

Observers reported that Trump appeared increasingly agitated as Daniels delivered her testimony. Daniels also highlighted a significant power imbalance in their relationship, which she said contributed to her fear—an aspect that lends context to the allegations that Trump attempted to suppress her story.

This trial is unfolding against the backdrop of previous controversies surrounding Trump, notably the “Access Hollywood” tape. In that recording, Trump boasted about his ability to commit assault against women without consequence, a revelation that had already significantly impacted his presidential campaign. The trial, with its high-profile witnesses and heated exchanges, continues to draw intense public and media scrutiny, laying bare the complexities and challenges of navigating legal and personal battles in the public eye.

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