Heartbreak for Trump as Former Prosecutor Reveals Why He Needs More Lawyers than Ever

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During an appearance on MSNBC on Saturday, August 19, former prosecutor Kristen Gibbons Feden discussed the latest delaying tactic employed by Donald Trump in his Washington D.C. trial.

Feden confidently asserted that the attempt to postpone the trial until 2026 would not find favor with District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan. Rather, Feden anticipated that Judge Chutkan would not only dismiss the motion promptly but would also instruct Trump to bolster his legal team in order to align with her schedule.

Engaging in conversation with host Alex Witt, Feden delved into the challenge posed by the millions of pages of documents that Trump’s defense lawyers need to review for his defense against allegations of conspiring to manipulate the 2020 presidential election to his advantage.

According to Feden, Judge Chutkan, who has already expressed her preference for an expeditious trial, is unlikely to grant the delay request for a trial extending to 2026. Feden suggested that this maneuver was in line with Trump’s past “Delay, delay, delay tactics.”

However, Feden acknowledged a valid point presented by Trump’s legal team. The substantial initial document production of around 11 million pages justifies pushing the trial date by about eighteen months. Nonetheless, Feden emphasized that the court would not permit such a prolonged extension.

Feden speculated on Judge Chutkan’s potential response, surmising that she might advise Trump to expand his legal representation if coping with the document production proves challenging. Feden believed that Judge Chutkan would likely compel the trial to conclude by the summer of the following year.

Former prosecutor Kristen Gibbons Feden shared her insights on MSNBC regarding Donald Trump’s endeavor to delay his Washington D.C. trial. She expressed confidence that Judge Tanya Chutkan would swiftly dismiss the attempt to extend the trial to 2026 and might require Trump to augment his legal team.

Despite acknowledging the rationale behind the delay request due to the voluminous document review, Feden was certain that the court would not permit such an extended timeline. She anticipated Judge Chutkan would ensure the trial concludes before the next summer.

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