Judge Fears for Life Over Trump Ballot Battle! What’s REALLY at Stake?”

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

In a shocking twist, District Judge Sarah B. Wallace, overseeing the lawsuit aiming to block Trump from Colorado’s 2024 ballot, has issued an emergency protective order, citing grave concerns over the safety of everyone involved due to the highly explosive nature of the case.

According to a September 22, 2023 report by AP News, Judge Wallace conveyed her apprehensions. “Looking at previous cases, we can’t ignore the real threats. My staff, the lawyers, the involved parties, and even I are at potential risk,” exclaimed the judge.

Interestingly, the protective order explicitly bans any intimidating or threatening statements. But Trump’s attorney and former Colorado secretary of state, Scott Gessler, argued against it, stating it’s merely a repetition of what the law already says.

On top of it all, the lawsuit in Colorado could change everything for Trump’s 2024 run. It’s based on the controversial 14th Amendment clause which disqualifies anyone involved in an “insurrection” against the Constitution from holding office. This has all stemmed from the Capitol attack allegations against Trump from January 6, 2021.

With the tension rising, many speculate this case will reach the U.S. Supreme Court, setting a precedent that the country has never seen before.

Judge Wallace is racing against time, setting a hearing on October 30 to decide Trump’s fate on Colorado’s ballot. Meanwhile, Trump’s team is getting ready to fight back, scheduling hearings and claiming this lawsuit is just another blow against Trump’s free speech.

Amidst all this, Trump’s comments on his platform, Truth Social, have added fuel to the fire, prompting the urgent need for the protective order. Will this be the lawsuit that changes U.S. elections forever? Only time will tell.

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