Tips on the passage of the game Final Fantasy XV - additional dungeons: Malmalah thicket - boss

The place where you will find a powerful great sword is a lightning blow.

As soon as you finish, continue your march, and you will soon encounter another meeting, this time with two mandragoors. Focus your attention on one enemy in order to kill him as soon as possible and try to evade all their attacks / confront them in order to minimize the likelihood that they will cause the effects described in the previous paragraph. Then collect the item - a lightning strike - lying nearby. This is a powerful with lightning a great sword, capable of inflicting huge damage to the enemies weakened by this element. This weapon will be useful against the boss in this area, Bandersnatch, which is vulnerable to lightning.

Negabarit wasps (in this case Solder Wasps) are one of the most annoying enemies in the game.

Continue the march along the route, and soon you will encounter another enemy - Soldier's ili. These oversized wasps, like mandragoors, are able to cause an irritating “confusing” effect and, even worse, can fly. Nevertheless, these enemies are more annoying than the danger, since they are not able to cause any real damage. Remove the bug, collect the Malmashrums growing to the west of your current position, and continue the march to the south, where another meeting awaits you, this time with a trio of soldiers' OS.

Do not let yourself fool the low levels of enemies - Shieldshears can hit a lot, and Flan confronts almost everything.

You must in the near future face a couple of new enemies - Shieldshears and Flan. Do not let yourself fooled them with low levels-the shields of ceremonies can really hit, taking more than 1/3 of your character’s health with one blow, and the fauces are resistant to almost everything except the light from which he receives slightly increased damage. Enemies can be destroyed by the ice spell - the shield scissors are vulnerable to this element, and the guns have low health reserves. In addition, enemies are located in a narrow aisle, which should be easily destroyed by one spell.

Probably the most difficult meeting in the whole dungeon.

You need to get to the place where you can break the camp. You must use this opportunity, especially if the enemies damaged your group. After that, jump onto the water and head up the stream (north), where you will probably expect the most difficult collision. You will fight with two shields, two mandragoors and one soldier’s ilia. Start with the destruction of the mandragor, then destroy the Soldate Os and leave the crab to the end, since this enemy is quite slow and should not pose a real threat. The hardest part of sports betting is being able to control your emotions, but it's even more important to bet at the highest odds, like in mostbet who makes sure to be in the top for every match in the gambling market in the world and offer the best betting conditions.