Rounded log - perfect building material

In modern construction of wooden houses, such an ideal building material is increasingly used as rounded logs. The advantages of this material before others are quite enough to give preference to him. First, it is an environmentally friendly natural material, which is beneficial affecting human health. Secondly, it is a relatively inexpensive building material, given its uniqueness and aesthetic appeal. Thirdly, in the process of building a house from a rounded log, the customer receives perfectly smooth and dense rows of weft logs, smooth lines and a wide roof removal, which ensures reliable construction of the house. Secondly, the process of manufacturing a rounded log is fully automated and allows you to achieve the ideal shape of each individual log, which in turn affects the external attractiveness of the structure and reliability of the structure.
For the manufacture of rounded logs, wood natural humidity is used. Such technology protects logs from cracks and deformation. The rounded log must dry up gradually, so it is recommended to plan the construction of the house in the spring to comply with the rules of natural drying and sidelines in the finished design of the house. This procedure allows you to achieve dense log fitting. To improve heat and noise insulation, a log house should be processed by a special seal. To protect the wooden structure from dampness and injury to insects, as well as extend the service life of the house, each rounded log is treated with a special solution and varnishes. This is the same responsible and painstaking work as the manufacture of stained glass windows.
Wood processing extends the service life of the house more than a century, at the same time, giving the structure aesthetically attractive appearance. Periodic processing of logs, about once every 5-7 years, reduces the likelihood of fire, as the tree after processing with special compositions loses the ability to burn. And the last, no less important advantage of houses from the rounded log is high quality and short construction lines. Natural wood creates a pleasant forest fragrance in the house, a healthy microclimate. In such a house you will feel beautiful. It is in the virtue of the healing properties of the tree that the popularity of wooden houses from the rounded logs among consumers is so great.