Debate Ignites Over Melania Trump’s Alleged Fluency in Five Languages

 Debate Ignites Over Melania Trump’s Alleged Fluency in Five Languages

(Credit: Reuters)

The internet has been buzzing with a heated discussion about Melania Trump’s linguistic abilities after former Trump staffer Monica Crowley reiterated a long-standing claim regarding the former First Lady’s fluency in five languages. This assertion has been met with skepticism for months.

The debate was sparked by a Twitter account, @DecodingFoxNews, which shared a video clip of Crowley’s appearance on The Ingraham Angle. In the clip, Crowley stated, “Mrs. Trump looks absolutely beautiful in anything. She is highly accomplished; she is fluent in five languages, and yet they always have to try to find something to bludgeon her because, by extension, they are trying to hit her husband, of course.”

This claim immediately triggered a flurry of reactions on Twitter. @DecodingFoxNews posted the video with the caption, “Monica Crowley on Melania Trump – There’s no evidence that Melania is fluent in five languages. Melania also lied about her educational background, she plagiarized a speech, and there were questions about her immigration status when she came to the U.S. She was also NEVER a supermodel.”

The skepticism was echoed by several users. @realGigiJ replied, expressing doubt: “You are a professional fact checker? How do you know she doesn’t speak 5 languages? I am a stupid ignorant and I speak fluently 3 languages …I bet you money that she does speak 5 languages and I also believe that you don’t speak anything else besides English. Ordering Margaritas doesn’t count as proficiency in Spanish.”

Another user, @Dan95820624, questioned the specific languages: “Slovenian, English. Maybe Russian? Specifically which other languages?”Adding their perspective, @Conte13V stated, “I can confirm that Melania does indeed have a couple of friends that you could count as possible supermodels but I never heard of her before she married Trump and I’m pretty familiar with that scene.”

@tat62 took a jab at Fox News, commenting, “Must have been an extremely slow news day at @FoxNews. Then again they will talk about ANYTHING other than their lord and master being currently involved in a porn star hush money trial. BTW…happy birthday Stormy….oops I mean Melania!!!”

Another user, @not_florida, shared their observation: “I’ve heard her speak with Mrs Macron (whose English is quite good). They start with a ‘bonjour’ and quickly veer into English. There’s no way Melania speaks fluent French.” @thriftyneedle suggested a possible motive behind the claims, “If Fox Entertainment is bringing up Melania, they’re just trying to distract from the bad days of her husband.”

It remains unclear whether the former First Lady possesses the linguistic skills claimed by Crowley and others. Trump has claimed to speak English, Italian, French, German, and her native Slovenian, but there is little concrete evidence supporting her proficiency in all five languages.

Videos of her interactions with foreign dignitaries and leaders often show her relying on translators or speaking in English. She has been seen speaking basic greetings in other languages, but not much beyond that, according to Newsweek.

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