“I mean, this is such a public world” Jose Diaz-Balart Astonished by Michael Cohen’s Testimony in Trump’s Hush Money Trial

 “I mean, this is such a public world” Jose Diaz-Balart Astonished by Michael Cohen’s Testimony in Trump’s Hush Money Trial

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MSNBC host Jose Diaz-Balart expressed disbelief over some of the statements made by Michael Cohen while under oath during the hush money trial involving former President Donald Trump. Trump is facing 34 felony counts in Manhattan for allegedly falsifying business records to cover up an affair.

One of Cohen’s claims under oath was that in 2019, Trump coordinated with then-Attorney General Bill Barr to grant immunity to Allen Weisselberg, the longtime CFO of the Trump Organization, so that Weisselberg could testify in Cohen’s case. This revelation has added a layer of complexity and intrigue to the trial.

Professor Maya Wiley noted the historical significance of the trial, emphasizing that this is the first criminal trial of a former president in U.S. history. She pointed out that Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, must be acutely aware of the immense historical weight he carries as he defends the former president in court.

“This is such an unusual case in every way,” said Diaz-Balart. “But then to be bombarded with all of this information. I mean, this is such a public world! And thinking about the fact that this witness is saying that the attorney general of the United States of America was in cahoots with the president of the United States of America with this attorney. It’s so — how do people process this?”

“And it is relating to whether or not there was an effort to conceal an agreement to have an impact — to interfere with the very election this former president ran, means everybody is kind of processing this. It’s — what does this really mean?” Wiley said as Diaz-Balart agreed.

Legal analyst Allison Gill highlighted a 2018 report from the New York Times, which revealed that Bill Barr, who was then the Attorney General, had indeed granted immunity to Weisselberg. This immunity allowed Weisselberg to testify against Michael Cohen, corroborating Cohen’s recent statements under oath.

The trial has captivated public attention not only because it involves a former president but also due to the high-profile figures and complex legal maneuvers at play. As the trial progresses, the testimonies and evidence presented will likely have significant implications for Trump and his legal standing. The involvement of figures like Bill Barr and Allen Weisselberg, along with the intense scrutiny from legal experts and the media, underscores the unprecedented nature of this case and its potential impact on the political landscape.

The statements and developments in the trial are being closely monitored, with Diaz-Balart’s reaction reflecting the broader sense of astonishment and concern among observers. The trial is set to continue, and its outcomes may set important legal precedents and influence public opinion on issues of accountability and justice at the highest levels of government.

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