How to write a successful resume

Think of your resume as your cover letter. It is your first contact with the company you want to work for. As such, your resume should contain more than just a handful of data and work experience. Your resume should reflect you and your career. It's a sample of your capabilities.

That's why a professional resume should fit a number of characteristics:

  • A suitable format
  • A flawless and solid presentation
  • Logical organization of content
  • Good form and structure
  • Follow criteria for selecting information

These tips for writing a successful resume will help you understand what a resume should look like and get better results.

Your experience should be the first thing to see

Human Resources employees check hundreds of resumes every day. For this reason, they are very likely to rule out those that don't get your attention beforehand. Given that the time and attention they will give your resume is limited, it is important that your experience be the first thing to look at.

Another key aspect is to include the name of the company you worked for. Also indicate the period of time you worked on it. One helpful resume writing tip is to review your resume at the end. Try to notice what stands out first. If it's your work experience, your resume is fine.

Explain what tasks you performed in your previous job

A fairly common mistake on a resume is listing your previous positions without detailing your tasks. While one of the keys to a words to include on a resume, the details in the tasks performed are necessary.

Create the best design for your resume

Lists of tips for making a good resume are numerous, and everyone agrees that design is important. The visual part of your resume is of paramount importance. Balance is important in this regard. A sober resume can go unnoticed in the eyes of a hiring manager; conversely, a design that is too busy and cumbersome can cause rejection and create a perception of unprofessionalism.

The key to proper design is a neat resume. Look for it to be interesting, sober and professional. But don't worry, you don't have to be a graphic designer to get a resume with these characteristics.

Another option is to turn to Web sites that offer very good design tools. They are easy to use and intuitive.