Woman’s Unconventional Love Story: Marrying Her Adopted Son, 31 Years Younger

Russian Musician Marries Her Adopted Son
Aisylu Chizhevskaya Mingalim/CEN

Russian musician Aisylu Chizhevskaya Mingalim caused waves of controversy when she married her 22-year-old adopted son, Daniel Chizhevsky, on 20 October 2023 in Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, Russia. The pair had known each other since Daniel was 13 when Aisylu began giving him singing lessons while he was in an orphanage.

Aisylu, 53, first met Daniel the year before she adopted him at age 14. This unique marital union has now made headlines, casting a spotlight on their relationship, which has been described as unusually close, told Daily Mail.

Following the wedding, the local child welfare services intervened, taking into custody Aisylu’s other five children, whom she had adopted. While some of the children were placed in care homes, others were sent to live with their biological families.

Aisylu, who is also the biological mother of a son from a previous relationship, is now challenging the actions of the authorities. She asserts that her relationship with Daniel is both legal and consensual, even though she adopted and raised him since he was a teenager.

Defending her actions, Aisylu said, “Our relationship is perfect. We can’t live without each other. We are on the same wavelength.”

Local reports indicate that Aisylu was inspired to adopt after interacting with orphans during a film project in Tatarstan. She now intends to leave Tatarstan and start anew in Moscow with Daniel and her other adopted children, seeking a place where they can “live freely.”

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