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Things You Can Do With Absoutely Nothing

Bored? Listless? Help is at hand!
Pass away long, pointless hours with our bumper list of things to do when you’re well and truly bored
Just read them and do all the things listed below you will not feel bore anymore!


  • See how long you can hold a note
  • Try to not think about penguins
  • Use your secret mind power
  • Pretend you’re a robot
  • Repeat the same word over and over until it loses its meaning
  • Pinch yourself
  • Try to swallow your tongue
  • Pretend to be a car
  • Look at something for awhile, shut eyes, study after image
  • Get yourself as nauseated as possible
  • Invent a weird twitch
  • Scratch yourself

After doing all these things you will really enjoy and be fresh 🙂

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