Make Treats for your Bird Pets

We usually feed seeds and normal fruits and veggies to our beloved pets but they need something more than daily diet routine in order to be more happy and healthy and that is ‘treats’ Birds love treats and they love it when you feed them treats with your hands. So learn to make bird pet treats with our simple do it yourself steps.

Tools and Materials required:

Always remember your treatment should be a fusion of different fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts so your bird can have a variety of flavours and nutrients.
If your bird is on a low-fat diet, then you shouldn’t be giving it high-fat food treats and vice versa.
Start with small amounts of different items such as fruits or cooked vegetables.
Do not give anything that’s naturally high in salt, sugar and fat so nuts and seeds shouldn’t be much like treats, though these little adorable pets love nuts and seeds they are not good for their health.
Once a week, you can treat your little birdy with peanut butter coated fruit or vegetable. Your bird will love it.
If your bird likes fruit, give him a small amount of fruit salad or green salad.
There’s one treat which is suitable for most birds. For that simply mix 3 eggs, including the shells, with cooked veggies, applesauce, fruity and cornmeal, whisk it and bake it for 20 minutes and allow it to cool before feeding it in small amounts to your birds.
Don’t feed the treats all the time, just make it once in a day with your own hand to strengthen the bond
Good luck with your birds!

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