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Cambodia: A Village on Stilts



Cambodia is renowned for few things in the world but two of them stands out from rest. The sultry weather and village on a stilts. Most of most have heard or read, Cambodia: A village on stilts and few us would had thought what does it exactly mean? Yes you understood it right, it is exactly same as title say Cambodia: A village on stilts. It is must see place for people who love nature in its crudest form. Most of the village is built on stilts, poles or pillars are used to erect the structures like houses and shops. For this very reason it is called Cambodia: A village on stilts. Place has lot to offer to visitors. Many of us would remain bewitched for most our stay by the lake which keep on increasing and decreasing with the season. People rightly call Cambodia: A village on stilts and for you to believe it, you got to land yourself there. There are many places to see and here are few for your convenience, in case you decide to pay Cambodia: A village on stilts a visit.

Khmer Lake:

Khmer, a lake meaning large fresh water river or great lake, often attracts attraction of many tourists. This lake will keep you engaged and in state of surprise. What makes this lake different is that it size remains on changing from season. This is one of the attractions of Cambodia: A village on stilts for tourists. People of Cambodia: A village on stilts loves this lake as it act like a mother for them. During the wet season when its size expands to almost 12000 square kilometers and when water level drops, the slit deposited acts like a fertilizer for the growth of certain fruits and crops. This is not only benefit of this great lake. During the season when its full of water it provides large amount of fish to locals too. No wonder inhabitants of Cambodia: A village on stilts love it like a mother loves her child. So if you are planning a visit to Cambodia: A village on stilts, make sure visiting a great lake is on your list

A Village on a move:

Cambodia: A village on stilts has not only a great lake for tourists to see. Kampong Phluk a village, which is stood on stilts, tied up and bopped around gives such a pleasant scene that one may find hard to stop looking at it. One could feel the impact of water waves on these stilted homes, the to and fro motion from the impact of water takes one back to the age when he was enjoying the pleasant ride of a cradle. This is exactly why people call Cambodia: A village on stilts. This village comprised of almost 500 houses and people living there enjoys the peace and serenity which nature is offering them. The beauty about these homes on stilts is that it gives a feeling of being floating on a water during flooding season. To witness all the unexplainable and unbelievable environment, you got to see yourself a, Cambodia: A village on stilts.

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