Business Horoscope July 22 to July 28

July Horoscope

AriesAries Horoscope

While you’ll begin and end the week with some now familiar work/life balance tension, this is in fact a game changing week on the professional front and one where you’re able to see why having the right balance is so necessary. You’ll move into the week with the Moon in your business sector, which is always an advantage, ensuring that your professional instincts are sharp and that you’ve got your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground from the get go. Yet just a few hours before the Moon leaves on Tuesday Venus will return to your work sector, a month to the day before the Sun is due to return and before you could reasonably expect any planetary support. This brings the first planetary support on the work front all year, opening the door to the busiest months of the year.

TaurusTaurus Horoscope

With no planetary activity in either of your professional houses until Venus returns to your work sector next month the Moon’s monthly visits are all you’ve got to go on, making his return to your business sector on Tuesday a real advantage. As the Moon’s first visit since Mars left your income sector 9 days earlier this was always going to be an important visit, with a chance for your professional instincts to lock what this has triggered and a chance to put your professional and income objectives on the same page. However, this is far from simply a monthly update and just hours after returning the Moon’s arrival will trigger a Full Moon. This is in fact the first of two Full Moons and between the Full Moon on Tuesday and a second next month this will get anything stuck moving.

GeminiGemini Horoscope

On the work and business fronts you’re on a slow journey, with the road to success remaining under construction for not only the rest of this year, but right through till 2015 and beyond. However, there are two things driving things this week, creating more momentum than you would normally expect. The first event is the extraordinary developments on the income front, with the final handbrake being released just as your fighting spirit really kicks in. This is the motivation needed to drive any and every professional advantage hard. The second event is the Moon’s return to your business sector on Thursday. As well as sharpening your professional instincts this will give you a better read on work/life balance issues that could be coming to a head at the time, allowing you to streamline things.

CancerCancer Horoscope

As Uranus spends his first full week in retrograde motion in your business sector after his retrograde turn late last week there is a call for patience and to avoid pushing the panic button. Uranus, in your business sector since 2010 and not leaving until 2019, will always turn retrograde at this time of year and with no planetary activity in your work sector this can make it feel like things have gone right off the boil and that you’ve become stuck or stalled. You have, but for all the right reasons. This is giving you a chance to regroup and at a time when you’re going through a lot of personal self examination, gives you a chance to reconsider your options. The Moon’s return to your business sector over the weekend will not only see your professional instincts kick in, but Eureka moments.

LeoLeo Horoscope

Moving into the week with the Moon in your work sector is going to be a mixed blessing, for while it ensures that your instincts are sharp and that you’re able to move into the week with your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, it may also see your emotional responses inflame and exaggerate any work tension. However, this is also going to ensure that you’re on your toes when, just hours before the Moon leaves your work sector on Tuesday, Venus returns to your income sector. This not only opens the door to the first income support of the year and to some lucrative months, this puts Venus in a situation where she’s able to actively support forces on both the work and business fronts. You’re able to turn any work tension into motivation and a new sense of determination.

VirgoVirgo Horoscope

The Moon’s first visit to your work sector after Mars left your business sector, wrapping up all the planetary activity for the year was always going to be important. By the time the Moon returns on Tuesday it will have been 9 days since Mars left, the first lull in professional activity you’ve had in 15 months. Yet when the Moon returns it’s not as simply a monthly update or just as a Full Moon, but the first in a pair of Full Moons that will help harness all the momentum already created on the business front and channel it into gaining some serious momentum on the work front. With no planetary activity in your work sector since February and a lot of time spent looking at the big picture, it’s time to get things moving on the work front, with Tuesday’s Full Moon the first step.

LibraLibra Horoscope

This is one week where moving into the new week really is going to feel like an opportunity for a fresh start, with three separate conditions coming into play on Monday, each of them important enough in their own right to create some serious momentum. After his retrograde phase ended over the weekend, Monday is Mercury’s first full day in direct motion in your business sector and with the handbrake off you’re finally able to gain some traction. Monday is also the Sun’s last full day in your business sector, so it’s a day where there is also some urgency, especially when it comes to establishing an authentic starting point. The event that sets this on fire is Mars and Jupiter alignment in your business sector on Monday, giving things the kick start they need, just as have some momentum.

ScorpioScorpio Horoscope

Move into the week expecting things to get a bit bumpy, especially when it comes to work/life balance issues, without being alarmed. What you’ll be experiencing this week is a not so subtle changing of the guard on the business front. Venus’ departure from your business sector on Tuesday and the Sun’s return just a few hours later was always the point where, after cementing your professional desires and expectations, it was time to start walking the talk, with things becoming a lot more real. What you didn’t count on was a Full Moon in your home and family sector just hours after the Sun returns, catching you off guard. This Full Moon will fall at some point during your annual professional review, bringing home any work/life balance issues, with a chance to get it right from the get go.

SagittariusSagittarius Horoscope

This is one week where a bit of financial tension is going to work to your advantage and in a way that you’re unlikely to see coming. You’ll move into the week with the Moon in your income sector, giving you a nose for money but also going up against a major surge on the financial front. Yet by the time the Moon leaves your income sector on Tuesday that financial tension will not only be turning into motivation, but that motivation will kick in just as unexpected opportunities open up on the business front. For it’s on Tuesday, just hours before the Moon leaves your income sector and a full month before the Sun is due to return to your business sector that Venus returns. As the door opens to the best professional months of the year you’ll know where the money is from the get go.

CapricornCapricorn Horoscope

It is usually only in hindsight, when life gets busy that we are able to look back at the lulls that strike from time to time, cursing the fact that we didn’t make the most of that time and enjoy it for what it is. You are in your second week of not only a 5 week professional lull, but the first lull since October 2009 and the last before July 2014. You don’t even have the Moon visiting either of your professional houses this week, making this the quietest professional week you’ve had this year, which could be creating some panic or anxiety. You have been busy for so long that you might not even know what to do with this, but rather than a sign that something is wrong this is a chance to get your bearings before the next chapter starts and maybe even take some time out if you can.

AquariusAquarius Horoscope

As you move into the new week you’re moving into just the second week of what are the busiest 6 weeks of the year and already you’re likely to be sensing that it’s time to start pacing yourself. Having Mercury in retrograde motion in your work sector over the last 3 weeks has slowed things down, but having turned direct over the weekend and especially with the Sun due to leave on Tuesday and Mars aligned with lucky Jupiter on Monday, the pace is bordering on frenetic. What is going to create some work tension is that both the Moon and Pluto are calling for sanity, reminding you that you’re running a marathon and not a sprint and the importance of pacing yourself. If you’re going to stay the course and make the most of the opportunities this presents you’ve got to pace yourself.

PiscesPisces Horoscope

With the Moon having just left your business sector as you move into the new week and your professional instincts still sharp, keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground. Keep holding onto those instincts, for things could get a little bumpy on the work front, especially in the early days of the week. Things start out fine, with Venus’ last full day in your work sector on Monday all about listening to your heart and getting a sense of what you do and don’t want on the work front. It’s on Tuesday that things may get a bit bumpy, with the Sun’s return just hours after Venus leaves likely to have a not so smooth transition. That’s because the Sun will be confronted by a Full Moon just hours after returning to your work sector, creating some tension but giving things an amazing push. – astrolis

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