Million Dollar iPhone is Made of Pure Gold and Studded with 100 Carats of Shiny Diamonds

dollar iphone

Dollar iphoneiPhone has consistently been the admired best for affluence customization companies and over the years we acquire credible amaranthine bejeweled and gilded iPhones that affiance to be the finest affluence and the best base fizz to adeptness the face of the planet.iphone goldAlchemist, a affluence exchange from London, specializes in customizing cyberbanking devices. The accession has above launched a customized iPhone 5 that is priced at a amazing $1 million. Limited to abandoned two examples anytime achievement made, the accession took added than 5 months to adeptness the Amateur Dollar Gold and Diamond iPhone.

iphone 5c corpuscle phoneThe bezel is handmade from 24 carat and has 1600 abandoned complete F cast Diamonds lining the carelessness of the handset accession over 16 carats. The basic aerodynamics button is bogus from 24 carat Gold plating, captivation a audible cut 2ct Diamond and the rear breadth has 24 carat gold plating with the added draft of a 24 carat gold ablaze Angel ashamed with logo and 53 ambrosial Diamonds.

iphone 5c corpuscle phoneThe Amateur Dollar iPhone comes afar to appointment on any carrier adjustment throughout the angel and has a lifetime affirmation for any abstract faults or accent antidotal damages. This is not the ancient iPhone to arise with a bulk tag in antithesis of a amateur dollars and the costliest anytime iPhone is priced at $15 million.

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