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Tank 300 Frontier Edition Paired with An Off-Road E-Bike

Tank 300 Buxus E-Bike
© Buxus Motors

Have you always wanted a combination of a car and an e-bike? If you live in China, you can now purchase a matching off-road e-bike for your Tank 300 Frontier Edition and create the ideal vehicle setup for weekend adventures.

The cool-looking two-wheeler comes from a company called Buxus and is based on the EVA model. As such, it is fitted with a single-core 0.75kW (1hp) motor and a removable 20Ah battery capable of providing a range of 100km (62 miles) between charges.

The e-bike features high-grip tires, front and rear suspension, and hydraulic dual-piston disc brakes on both wheels. A steering wheel slot and smartphone app turn your device into a digital instrument cluster that offers keyless starting, remote monitoring, and wireless update compatibility via NFC.

Tank 300 Buxus E-Bike Photos
© Buxus Motors

The Buxus EVA Special Edition Tank features a yellow exterior with contrasting black accents and Tank 300 decals in profile. The 1,734 mm (68.3 in) long two-wheeler is compact enough to fit behind the 1,970 mm (77.6 in) wide Tank 300 with the help of a bumper bike rack.

According to Buxus’ official website, the availability of the EVA Tank 300 Edition is limited to 300 units with a price tag of 15,000 yen, equivalent to $2,073. You might also be interested in our list of the smallest foldable e-bikes.

Tank 300 Buxus E-Bike Images
© Buxus Motors

Well, in terms of the four-wheeler of the group, the Tank 300 was already a solid-looking model, but the Frontier Edition, introduced earlier this year, takes things to another level, leaving it more like the descendant of a Ford Bronco and a jeep look. Wrangler (be sure to check out our list of the best luxury SUVs). Notable features include a new Tank script grille, domed hood, snorkel, roof rack, integrated front bar, off-road winch bumpers, skid plate, fender flares, 18-inch Beadlock-style alloy wheels, and yellow Optics with black decals.

Tank 300 Buxus E-Bike Gallery
© Buxus Motors

The Tank 300 Frontier Edition also benefits from increased ground clearance thanks to the upgraded suspension. Working under the hood is the same supercharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine as in the lower fairings, producing 224 hp (167 kW / 227 hp) and 387 Nm (285 lb-ft) of torque. Power is sent to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive with an electronic differential lock.

Buxus E-Bike
© Buxus Motors

The Tank 300 Frontier Edition costs 280,000 yen ($38,624) in China and the first production batch is limited to 3,000 units. Add the matching Buxus EVA e-bike to the mix and the total cost of the vehicle combo is 295,000 yen ($40,694).

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