Scentbird Announces Fragrance Collaboration with Saks

Scentbird Perfume
Photo: Scentbird

Leading fragrance subscription company, Scentbird, will debut a partnership with Saks, the premier luxury eCommerce platform.

Through the collaboration, Scentbird subscribers will have access to a curated assortment of over 30 highly-coveted men’s, women’s, and unisex fragrances from luxury brands for a limited time.

In addition to its 600+ designers and niche fragrances currently offered, Scentbird will add the following labels to its lineup: Sisley, Creed, Tiziana Terenzi, Initio, Parfums Prives, Ex Nihilo, Acqua di Parma, Parfums de Marly, House of Sillage, Amouage, Veronique Gabai, and Goutal Paris.

Starting today, the collaboration will direct members to a co-branded Saks x Scentbird landing page, providing the option for customers to purchase a full-size bottle of their choice directly from

The Saks Collection fragrances will arrive in a limited edition 8ml black atomizer for a $10 premium upcharge.

“As the premier destination for luxury fashion, we are continuously personalizing our offering to enhance the shopping experience for our customers,” said Kate Oldham, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of beauty, jewelry, and home at Saks. “Through our partnership with Scentbird, we are delivering a unique fragrance discovery experience that cannot be found anywhere else online.”

Scentbird is continually evolving to best meet the needs of our members,” said Scentbird CEO, Mariya Nurislamova. “Our new initiative with Saks will be another step toward elevating and empowering our customer experience through scent discovery. Like us, Saks seeks to consistently innovate the digital luxury space and create unparalleled, personalized destinations for customers seeking self-expression—whether through fragrance or other categories.”

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