World’s Most Expensive House with a Terrace is in England and is Worth $161 Million

Worlds Most Expensive Terraced House for 161 Million

Worlds Most Expensive Terraced HouseI love houses with a terrace; unlike French windows and balconies, it keeps peeping toms away, and that kind of property, which is upscale, done up in neo-classical style will cost a bomb too! A Cornwall Terrace property spanning over 21,000 square feet that features a Grade-I listing looking over Regent’s Park, London has gone on sale.

Most Expensive Terraced House

The world’s most expensive terraced house has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and 11 reception rooms. Put up by Savills for £100 million ($161 million), this is also one of the most expensive houses in the country. Reports suggest that the front of the mansion features a “neo-classical Stucco elevation with Corinthian pilasters and a grand two-storey bay embellished with sculpted female columns of the Greek goddess Artemis”.

Worlds Most Expensive House

The house itself is done up in marble and sports limestone-lined halls and the lighting can be controlled with an iPad. Apart from all the room, it also houses a sports complex complete with a gym and swimming pool. For your safety, the hi-tech gates feature an automatic number plate recognition system, and outside the mansion is a “40-metre long landscaped garden and a grand double staircase which connects the terrace and landscaped areas”.

Most Expensive House with a Terrace

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