Mitchell and King Launches $97,060 Most Expensive Car Wax

Most Expensive Car Wax

World Most Expensive Car WaxNoted for being the only establishment which utilizes cosmetic ingredients to provide most luxurious car care products utilized by the connoisseurs who look forward to optimize the majesty of their ultra-luxurious and expensive cars, Mitchell & King has now blended a car wax for goldRush Rally and have released one for sale. This luxury car care establishment based in Scotland which in December last year delivered the world’s most expensive car shampoo for luxury cars now offers the world’s most expensive car wax priced at $97,060. Displayed within a 24ct gold-plated Swarovski encrust enclosure with bespoke scent, the wax dubbed as GRV impressively contains gold shimmer and is ideal for those who wish the most luxurious car wax.

This one-of-a-kind edition wax from the Scottish specialists in exotic and bespoke car care has been described as exceptionally exclusive and the company even reserves the right to refuse the purchase. We wonder if this is just a marketing gimmick?

Notably, the goldRush Rally Collection includes 250 ml of GRV shampoo, 100 ml of GRV Scent and goldRush Rally wax. Speaking about the goldRush rally, it’s a trendsetting celebration and one of the fastest growing social events & lifestyle brands. – Bornrich

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