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Even a Rolex Needs Some Serious Photoshopping to look Good

Rolex watch pic

Anybody who is into austere photography will be acquainted of the actuality that beat a photograph is aloof the starting point of a action which leads to a added annoying assignment of processing and post-processing of a raw image. Most of us apperceive that all the photos of alluring models in the magazines are re-touched to attending flawless, but what about the articles that arise in the shinny book advertisements. +

A time-lapse YouTube video shows the bulk of photo re-touching and processing that goes into authoritative a Rolex watch attending its best. Photographer Andreas Jörg clicked the photograph of the Rolex watch and has done the re-touching and processing of the angel himself. As per FStoppers, it took Andreas added than two hours to action the angel which has been sped up to actualize the 9 minute video.

Comparing the pre and the post-processing image, you can calmly trace the arresting changes. It looks a lot shinier, active and ambrosial than before. Digital artists actually transform the abject angel into whatever representation they are asked to do by ad agencies.

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