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The Cardio Exercise That Works Your Arms

Arms Workout

Arms Workout

Most exercises make use of all the muscles in our body and really help us to remain fit and active. Most of these exercises prove to be the best workout by providing us with the combo workouts by working out different muscle parts in a single exercise. Such exercises are very helpful as they put the body to the extremes and help us test out our limits. Also such exercises save our time and allow us to workout multiple muscle parts at the same moment. Following are some sets of exercises that specifically help you to workout your lungs and your arms at the same time. Check out some of the methods here how you can be able to achieve that level.

  • Resistance bands:

It can basically be done by working out with resistance bands. Resistance bands offer your arms viable resistance and via a combination of different exercises, you can work out your lungs and your arms simultaneously, giving you a rather novel feeling of what’s like to work your lungs and guns together!A resistance band offer resistance and helps you to move fast, offering resistance to your arms and raising your heart rate. It can be really challenging to work out with resistance bands as they drain your energy and ‘blasts’ your muscles. Moreover try working out in sets, 4 sets of 20 seconds each will be enough to charge up your heart beat and your bi-tri-ceps.

  • Rowing:

Rowing is one of the most easiest and efficient ways to perform cardio and work your arms at the same time. Rowing isn’t the easy it seems to be but once accustomed to it, it can be the best cardio-arms combo you’ll ever do. The best part is that it is more fun than exercise and you time can easily pass through without you taking much of that work out. Rowing actually aims for the whole of your upper body and your arms. It has the ability to tone up your back, wings and abdomen altogether in a single work out. Generally in aerobic exercises that aim cardio, usually one works out lungs and legs together as cardio is generally associated with running or jogging. But in this way, you can actually work out your arms and your heart simultaneously, instead of your legs.

  • Calisthenics:

Calisthenics are exercises that don’t require movement but require you to put your own body weight in action and use it to work out your muscle parts. Exercises such as pushups, pull ups, burpees are exercises that require your body weight to work your muscles and your cardiorespiratory system. And the best thing about them is that they overall increase your stamina and your resilience. Doing calisthenics exercises can be fun as you can shift if you are tired of one exercise. Calisthenics can be really helpful given your weight and can awesomely work out your arms and your heart, as well as burn calories that are dependent on your body weight.

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