6 Exercises To Build A Six Pack

Exercises for Six Packs

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First step to six pack is stability: Star plank


Start standing, then walk hands out to plank position with arms and feet wide so body forms an “X” (as shown). Engage abs and press palms and balls of toes into floor. Hold for 10 seconds to start, working up to 30 seconds.

Rotation: Kung Fu kick


Start hanging from pull-up bar with underhand grip, so palms face body. Do a pull-up bringing knees to chest; rotate knees to right side, then press and extend left leg forward, foot flexed (as shown). Bring knees back to chest and rotate to left, then press and extend right leg forward for one rep. Do 5 reps of this exercise to get a six pack.

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You need mobility for a six pack: Spine roll


Start standing on left leg, right leg bent behind you, arms at sides. In one fluid motion, bend rleft knee and sit on ground rolling onto back until knees are overhead (as shown). Roll back up to start and hop on left foot. Continue for 30 seconds. Switch sides; repeat.

Extension: Suspended quadruped reach


Start on all fours resting on hands and knees, then press palms and balls of feet into ground to raise knees off floor. Keeping knee bent, lift left leg behind you, foot flexed and right arm in front of you, bending elbow 90 degrees (as shown). Switch, placing left foot and right arm back on floor and raising right leg and left arm. Alternate sides for 30 seconds and the six pack is closer and closer.

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Forward flexion: V-up


Start hanging from pull-up bar with overhand grip so palms face forward. Engage abs and slowly lift legs until feet touch bar (as shown). Return to start. Do 10-12 reps to get the desired six pack.

Lateral flexion: Headstand tilt


Slowly work your way into a headstand (as shown), then engage abs and lower legs as far to left side as possible without losing balance. Return to center, then lower legs to right for one rep. Do 5 reps.

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