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Tips For Successful Workout

Workout is the most “in” thing these days. And people often find it easy to fit in a workout activity in their daily routine. But we have come across many incidents of injuries, burnout and discouragement caused by workout. Normally people are not aware of the safety precautions that are necessary during workout. In other words people are not aware of their own body limits so they need to look at their body limits in order to enjoy a successful workout.

So what you need to do is to go through the following safety rules in order to avoid any risk of injury or burnout.

  1. Firstly and most importantly do not increase your workload more than 10% a week. This safety rule is also known as a 10 percent rule. Once the initial muscle soreness has worn off, you can increase your workload more rapidly for at least first few weeks. So this 10 percent rule plays a vital role to avoid the risk of overdoing the workout when you increase the workout intensity. For example if you walk fast for 20 minutes, two times a week and you want to increase your workout intensity then by applying the 10 percent rule you can add some more minutes to your walk for next few weeks. Another alternative can be by keeping the time constant and increasing the distance. For example if you cover 1.5miles in 20 minutes than increase your distance to 2 miles by keeping the time constant i.e. 20 minutes.
  2. Secondly, for a successful workout it is recommended that you don’t work out hard more than three times a week. Or never work out hard on consecutive days. The main reason for this is that your body needs minimum 48 hours to pull through from a hard work out. A hard workout day should be followed by a rest day. In this case cross training can also be applied. For example, one day you have legs work out by cycling or running than the following day should be of arms workout like swimming. So in this way you can continue your workout the whole week without getting into the risk of any injury.
  3. Thirdly, it is really important to warm up your body before starting workout. When you start workout suddenly from the state of rest then there is a risk of muscle injury because cold muscles are prone to injury. It is always good to stretch your body for 10 minutes before starting with workout.

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