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Taking up golf? Learn your manners!

While growing up many of us perceive it to be an elderly sport, there is no denying the fact that amateur and pro golf has taken over and perhaps revolutionized the sporting industry of today. Even though many of the more masculine rough and tough might not consider it to be an equivalent to other sports in terms of physical exertion, like Polo, Golf presents itself as a league of members all of whom have in common, elegance, style, manners and patience, all incorporated in a mere physical activity. 

Like any other men’s sport, golf has a set of rules and regulations and of course a set of etiquettes with which players participate in a game. Whether it’s a Professional 18 hole tournament or just you and your childhood friends hitting the ball through a couple of holes and even at the driving range, there is a set of etiquettes that you must follow when you are participating in the sport.

Golf requires you to be dressed gentlemanly unlike soccer or hockey where a more casual genre of clothing is acceptable. A pair of trousers or even shorts preferably with a shirt that has a collar and specific golf spikes to give you a good grip on the ground when positioning yourself to take a hit are mandatory. Sneakers and denim are a big no for going on the green.

As part of your golfing etiquettes you must remember that being on time is imperative. Do not be lazy and lag behind. Punctuality at the course for the time when you are assigned to tee off is a must. Unless it’s your own private golf course your golfing etiquettes demand you to be there on time.

Respect the course! Replace any part of the course that you shed with your club. Make sure you rake and level out any dunes you leave in the sand due to your lack of consistency in getting the ball to meet the head of your club. Most important however, perhaps the Bible of golfing etiquettes is respecting the green. The smooth area of grass with a different hue than the rest of the course and the flag poking out of the hole is the part of the course which demands that its sanctity be preserved. Make sure that your spikes or the stroke with your golf club does little damage to the green.

Keep in mind that it’s a leisure activity and having your sympathetic activity raging as a consequence of failure will only bring you harm. It’s always best to play with your friends with the loser or the one coming in last pays for that evenings round of drinks at the club house.

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