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What Causes Constipation? 12 Surprising Reasons You’re Constipated

Surprising Reasons You’re Constipated

Being constipated means that your intestinal motions are severe or rare occur as normal. It often happens when food in the tract takes too much water in the colony of the colon. This slower downs the movement of food through the digestive tract, as it takes more time in absorbing the water. Therefore, it results in dry and hard feces. It can be caused due to many reasons and one should avoid taking too much medicines for the release of it. Instead, natural remedies should be applied. In this article, we will look at the causes of constipation.

12 Surprising Reasons You're Constipated

What causes constipation?

Constipation can occur for many reasons, and constipation can simultaneously have more than one cause. Among the most common causes of constipation:

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  • Slow movement of stool through the colon;
  • Delayed emptying of the colon Beck disease, especially in women;
  • A form of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), IBS symptoms and constipation, both having as IBS with constipation or IBS-C.

Constipation can be caused due to other following factors:

1. Prescription Medications

Prescription Medications

Medicines can never be free from side effects. It may have direct or indirect effects including constipation. Many drugs like anti-depressant, blood pressure etc. cause constipation. So, to avoid it alternative medicine can be tried. If you face severe constipation due to the usage of any of these medicines, don’t hesitate to inform your doctor regarding it. Don’t change any medication by yourself because doctor supervision is required for it.

2. Laxative


Laxatives can temporary release constipation but for the longer term, it makes constipation worse.

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  • The person may eventually require increasing amounts of laxatives to move the intestines.
  • In some cases, the intestine becomes insensitive laxatives and the person is unable to move the bowel, also with laxatives.

3. Chocolate


Chocolates may be favorite of majority people but it also triggers constipation in certain conditions. Some people are constipated when they consume chocolates. But for the lovers, these cannot be completely avoided to be consumed. Therefore, have it in a certain amount so that you don’t get constipated. It may not be the good news for the people with the sweet tooth. But if chocolates affect your body negatively, try to minimize the intake of it.

4. Undiagnosed Medical Conditions

Undiagnosed Medical Conditions

Colon and rectum slow down and the movement of the stool is affected due to the constipation and it ends up in anus diseases. Many health conditions can cause constipation. The most common causes, especially among young people, is hypothyroidism. Those who are constipated may also be affected by thyroid stimulation of the metabolism, so when it does not work properly, everything slows down including the bowel and colon movement. Constipation can be the symbol of other diseases include diabetes, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory hallucinations, celiac disease, autoimmune diseases, and certain types of cancer. The most important thing is to determine and treat is the cause. Constipation is so common that many people don’t take it seriously. In some cases, it may be very mild but on the other hand it may indicate towards something serious. It is suggested to consult the doctor if the constipation is severe and lasted for more than three months as it may be due to other serious medical issues that need immediate treatment.

5. Some Special Hormones

Some Special Hormones

Some women face the problem of constipation in pregnancy. This is caused due to the trigger of special pregnancy hormones. It causes multiple effects on the digestive system. In particular, constipation can be caused by the high level and the low level of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. In the case of pregnancy, constipation recovers automatically after nine months, but it should be treated during the pregnancy to prevent the complications. Constipation may also be caused due to disturbance, increase or decrease of other hormones. As human gets aged, of course, the hormone levels would either increase or decrease which may make the person feels shabby. In that case, the doctor should be consulted for the possible treatments and lifestyle changes, if required.

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6. Painkillers


Painkiller may sound a very effective and a short-term solution to solve any problem regarding pain in the body. But this short-cut to pain relief may have many side-effects on your body. It is suggested to avoid the painkillers as much as possible because of its side effects. The major side effect of too much intake of painkiller is kidney damage and kidney failure. Minor but non-ignorable effect of pain killers is constipation. It is strictly recommended not to use any kind of painkiller for more than 30 days even if anyone is severely injured or faces the painful after-effects of surgery.

7. Low-carb Diets

Low-carb Diets

Weight loss is a dream of every over-weighted person. The effective and the quick loss of weight can be achieved if you opt for intake of low-carb diet. It may speedily reduce your weight but you may face the problem of constipation due to it. And low fats diet to avoid constipation. It is also suggested to divide the meal into small portions instead of consuming a large amount of food or instead of staying hungry for the longer period due to the intentions of dieting and weight loss. People makes a mistake while dieting and that is avoidance of healthy food because they want to lose weight. They skip meat, fruits and vegetables because they think it’s high in carbs whereas they ignore the other rich components of it. Doctors recommend having vegetables with a high content of fiber and low in fats. As all carbs are not same so include healthy carbs obtained from fruits and vegetables and avoid those carbs which are found in unhealthy food like sweets, junk food etc.

8. Lack of Fiber or Too Much Fiber

Lack of Fiber or Too Much Fiber

It may sound shocking to you but too much or too less consumption of fiber is not good for health. If it’s taken too much in quantity, you are likely to suffer from constipation. Likewise, less intake also causes constipation. So, consider a balanced diet and take a moderate amount of fiber in your diet.

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9. A Dairy-heavy Diet

A Dairy-heavy Diet

A diary-heavy diet may seem extremely tempting. People loves to eat dairy, especially cheese lovers love the cheesy, melting taste of it and don’t count when they are consuming it. But the bad news for such lower is, high consumption causes constipation. Cheese may be sometimes difficult to digest. It causes not only constipation but also the rapid increase in the weight. Therefore, it should be eaten in a mild amount instead of having it regularly.

10. Not Drinking Enough Water (Dehydration)

Not Drinking Enough Water

Keeping your body hydrated is essential as water is the building block of your body. Less consumption of water can result in serious health issues. It is advised to consume at least 8 glass of water in a day. It keeps the mind and the body active for its functioning. Experts suggest the constipated person to drink more fluid so that their constipation is released. In case of a regular intake of sufficient water, the person is less likely to be blocked and face the issue of constipation. Those who are tend to suffer regularly from constipation should consider it a serious issue and focus on the more consumption of water. Many sodas and caffeinated beverages causes dehydration and also aggravate constipation. If you are very prone to constipation, then you should such drinks and beverages should be avoided.

11. Depression


Depression is a phycological condition in which a person entire body slows down when it is prolonged. People who have depression may complain many other issues as it effects the entire body. One of the effects of depression is constipation. Many people who are facing these problem complaints being constipated and slow metabolism. It is the fight with a person with his inner self and it a feeling of cold war, which effects many parts of the body and may also cause constipation, but there is no identified reason for it. Medicines that are used for the treatment of depression can also triggers constipation. So, the patients who are constipated due to the medicine of depression are suggested to go for the therapies and exercise to corneal their depression.

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12. Certain Multivitamins

Certain Multivitamins

We may take certain vitamins for the health benefits but we may be unaware of the fact that high consumption of calcium and iron and other vitamins can cause severe constipation. Many vitamins speed up the digestion process but many of it can also slow down the bowel movement. Many people are usually unaware of it. So, take your vitamins with the recommendation of the doctor and change it under the supervision of your doctor if that certain vitamin reacts or cause problems like constipation so that alternative can be suggested. In the end, it is recommended not to take your constipation non-serious as it can be the mother of other diseases and one should get it treated either by medication or by natural remedies soon as possible so that he may save himself from the further serious issues.

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