Bra’s for men? To wear or not to wear- that is the question

 Bra’s for men? To wear or not to wear- that is the question

Men Boobs Bras for MenIf growing up as a young boy you came across this particular series of numbers ’36-24-36’ and you’d catch up on it meant that you all had pretty much the same picture in mind. Now for a second, split yourself from your gender of existence and pretend stepping into a girls’ shirt and have your friends giggling about the same over a guy whose nipples are perking through his shirt. You don’t want to be that guy now do you?

The truth is that no man wants bulk on their chest. To get rid of any you need to get to its root cause. Man boobs or ‘moobs’ are enlargement of men’s breasts that could either be due to an accumulation of excess fat or due to hormonal difficulties such as in Gynaecomastia.

If your moobs are due to deleterious eating habits, the first step is to increase your caloric body load. That in simple words is eating less and working out more.

Getting rid of your man boobs means taking adequate diet in combination with an increased daily work out that will strain your chest muscles and help you achieve a decent chest shape. The number one key to getting rid of your man boobs or in fact avoiding them is to stretch out your cardio.

Work on your training in intervals and gradually begin increasing your time ratio of hard and easy training. This will not only increase the muscle strain but will also help your body to oxidize fats faster and burn its excess and give your muscles time to repair from the damage.

If you’re looking for a thorough body workout emphasizing on your chest go for running which would enable a proportional reduction in body fat. If the problem lies solely on your chest, pick out a sport that provides such strain, such as rowing. Many prefer cycling or even elliptical machines which allow for a work out of all parts of the limbs without stressing the joints.

Although strength training will not eliminate as much fat, it will help you increase your lean muscles mass. Cross flyers, bench presses and push ups are all exercises prescribed for enhancing your chest muscles.

Don’t let your man boobs threaten you. Go for a jock strap not a bra. There’s nothing that a little hard work and determination can’t get you out of. Even if it’s man boobs!

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