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When does a research vessel look like the world’s edgiest luxury yacht? When it’s designed by Iddes Yachts‘ naval architect Iván Salas Jefferson. The 984-foot Earth 300 vessel has a sleek, textured hull, 22 laboratories, a helideck, and an alien-like “science sphere” for oceanic research. Silicon Valley technology that includes robotics and AI predominates, and it’s all focused on finding oceanic-based global solutions.

Nuclear power known as Molten Salt Reactors provides clean, sustainable energy for the ship via Seabor Technologies who specializes in maritime reactors. In terms of capacity, it has a 400-person capacity, as well as sleeping quarters for crew and scientists. Expect the Earth 300 to launch in 2025 and officially take the mantle as the coolest looking ship on the high seas. Also, don’t forget to check the 16 largest cruise ships in the world.

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