How Much Should We Be Concerned About New Deltacron Variant? Doctors Break It Down

 How Much Should We Be Concerned About New Deltacron Variant? Doctors Break It Down

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The following is some unwelcome news: According to the World Health Organization, a new COVID-19 variant called Deltacron has been discovered, including confirmed cases in the United States, France, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

Many of us are afraid of another wave like Omicron and are unsure what to expect. Is Deltacron a potential threat? So far, what do we know? Not much, like with most new variants, but here’s what you should be aware of.

What Exactly Is A Deltacron Variant?

As the name suggests, Deltacron is a hybrid strain that has genes from both the Delta and Omicron variants. These factors have come together to create a new version of the virus.

Chief Medical Officer at Anavasi Diagnostics Dr. Michael Blaivas says, “Such a combination variant can occur when a person is infected with both Omicron and Delta and the two viruses replicate inside the same cells of that person. A new genetic combination can thus arise, sharing traits of both parent viruses”.

What we know about Deltacron so far

We don’t know much about this variant so far, save that it hasn’t infected a large number of people yet.

“We only know that it has been discovered like all other variants, through the signature on a PCR evaluation,”  Robert G. Lahita MD, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Disease at Saint Joseph Health and author of Immunity Strong, explains. “It then gets through genomic sequencing.  There is no data currently about the variant’s character or its infectivity because it is so new.”

The virus’s path is determined by the spike protein. According to Dr. Lavita, the Omicron virus preferred the upper respiratory tract (nose, pharynx, and throat), but the Delta variant preferred the lower respiratory tract (lung).

How much should you worry about Deltacron if you’re vaccinated?

Recombinant variants are to be expected, according to doctors, and Deltacron will not be the last for COVID-19. Since this is still so new, more data is needed to gain a better understanding of where we stand with Deltron.

The major vaccines have proven very effective at keeping people from dying with both Delta and Omicron. According to Dr. Blavias, this is their most important job. Unfortunately, due to the numerous variants that have emerged, vaccines do not always prevent people from becoming infected or from spreading the infection to others, as most medical professionals had hoped.

“The most important thing is that vaccination takes at-risk people from ending up severely ill or dead in hospitals to being much less ill in most cases. There is nothing to suggest that Deltacron will be any different, but we simply do not know about that yet,” Dr. Blavias states.

As per webmd, Dr. Blavias explains; that’s why testing will be as important as ever.  Most molecular tests should have no difficulty detecting the virus, and this is critical to stopping the spread of the virus, given that vaccination does not prevent infection or transmission.

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