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Shayton Equilibrium

2012 Shayton Equilibrium

2012 Shayton EquilibriumEquilibrium is the name of the first unveiled Shayton model. The name represents the basic cosmic principle everything is based upon, the natural balance of the universe. Equilibrium is the condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced. In the words of the creators Shayton Equilibrium represents pure hedonism, perversion on four wheels, on one side an abstract concept to most people and on the other a realization of all childhood fantasies and dreams for the selected few. It represents the ultimate pleasure, a new perception of getting from one point to another, where the goal is not as important as the experience. It represents an object of ultimate excitement and a path to rediscovering your inner self… Only by looking at him, he represents sense inside nonsense. To one it represents the return to innocence. –

Technical Data:

Engine: V12
Seats: Recaro custom made
Gearbox: Sequential gearbox
safety: Bosch Electronics
Lights: Hella Lightning full LED front/back
Interior: Leather, alcantara, carbonfiber, brushed aluminium
Body: Carbon-fiber
Top Speed: 400+ km/h (249+ mph)
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): 3.1 seconds
0-200 km/h: 8.9 sec.
0-200-0 mph: 13.7 sec
Braking distance: 30.5m (100-0 km/h)
Lateral G-force: 1.6 G
Weight-to-power ratio: 1.42 kg/hp
Power: 1084 bhp
Torque: 930 Nm at 5000 rpm
Weight: 1200kg
Downforce at 300 kph:   750 kg
© Devanga Borah(Screenshot: YouTube)

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