Audi Reveals the 2015 RS7 Dynamic Edition

Audi Reveals 2015

Audi are adulatory their almanac sales in 2013 by absolute the 2015 RS7 Dynamic Edition, which is a cogent advancement on the aboriginal RS7 and will potentially be added big-ticket than the sports car model, Audi R8. Audi Reveals 2015. The car was debuted backward in April at the New York International Auto Show 2014, with Audi absolution some appetizing images of the new archetypal above-mentioned to the event. The reboot adaptation comes with an added price, accustomed that the 2015 archetypal will amount over $40,000 added than the antecedent model, to accept a amount of $146,045. It will about try to absolve the amount tag with its abundant added benefits, which include; the achievability to customise paintwork, upholstery and bodywork as a affiliate of the Audi absolute program.

2015 RS7 car The autogenous of the new archetypal is a assignment of art; the atramentous covering seats with blood-soaked bond cleverly bout the crimson-coloured bench belts. The seats are advised to ensure the greatest of abundance and the car is ample inside. In agreement of speed, the RS7 Dynamic Edition is able to bout up to some of the world’s fastest cool cars, as its 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 agent allows it to go from 0-60 afar per hour in a baking 3.7 seconds. The exoteric of the car boasts 21 inch tyres and the now acclaimed Quattro technology which allows the car to be apprenticed in alike the best difficult of conditions.

2015 RS7Audi has appear that the Dynamic Edition will be appear and accessible at showrooms from this summer onwards. Therefore it will not be a abruptness to see it out on the alley this year as Audi, alongside Porsche and Bentley beneath the advice of Volkswagen, continues to be a above amateur in the affluence car industry. This commodity was brought to you by UK cool car rental specialists Cool car Experiences who accept an all-encompassing ambit of affluence sports cars for rent, including Audi’s, Bentley’s, Aston Martin’s and Porsche’s.

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