Biden continues his criticisms of Trump: “It appears that the White House is going to continue to be bullish”

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President Biden is challenging his former rival Donald Trump, trying to portray the 2024 presidential race as a battle between them before announcing whether he would run for reelection.

A more confident Biden has repeatedly poked Trump and Republicans since the midterm elections when Democrats were able to fight off an expected Republican wave to keep the Senate.

The criticisms have been more apparent in recent days, as speculation has risen over whether Biden, boosted by his own midterm wins, will seek a second term.

Trump-backed candidates lost a lot of elections, and Democrats feel Trump’s influence on the GOP benefits them.

“It feels like one of the takeaways from the midterms is that creating a binary choice between he and Trump is beneficial for President Biden,” said Democratic strategist Joel Payne. “It appears that the White House is going to continue to be bullish whenever Trump creates an opportunity for contrast.

“I think any White House is going to become more proactive as they gear up for reelection,” Payne said. “Feels like it’s on schedule for this White House to adjust.”

During the traditional turkey pardon at the White House’s pre-Thanksgiving event, Biden made light comments about Trump and Republicans.

“There’s no ballot stuffing, there’s no ‘fowl’ play,” Biden quipped. “The only ‘red wave’ this season is going to be if our German shepherd Commander knocks over the cranberry sauce on our table.” Under the Dome

In addition, the White House issued “talking points” for “chatting with your uncle during Thanksgiving.”

The White House called Republicans in Congress “EXTREME” in those points, citing laws prohibiting abortion in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade and GOP calls to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act.

The White House has claimed that Republicans’ planned repeal might result in Americans losing the law’s enhanced healthcare benefits, while Republicans have been particularly critical of the law’s increased funding for the IRS and corporate tax increases.

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