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5 Move Full Body TRX Workouts

Workout for men

When you arrive at the gym and all the iron is occupied, it’s easy to chicken out by walking back to the locker room, changing, and leaving. Option 2: you man up and use the TRX station. Workout for menSuspension trainer recruit a ton of muscle, and fix imbalances quick, leading to bigger muscles and healthier joints all around. Try this workout from Andrew Sakhrani, CSCS, and be prepared to sweat. A lot.

Workout1. Suspended Push-Up, 4xAMRAP

2. Suspended Tricep Extension, 4xAMRAP

3. Suspended Inverted Row, 4xAMRAP

4. Suspended Bicep Curls, 4xAMRAP

5. Suspended Reverse Flye, 4xAMRAP -mensfitness


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