Taylor Swift gets ‘Mom-tastic’ approval from Travis Kelce’s mother, she ‘ADORES’ her

Taylor Swift has scored the ultimate “stamp of approval” from none other than Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna, who is reportedly head over heels for the pop superstar.

Taylor had the internet buzzing once again when she was spotted rooting for the  Kansas City tight end alongside his mom, Donna, for the second week in a row. She even brought her famous friends into the mix this time around.

According to an exclusive source who spilled the beans to DailyMail, Taylor has been nothing short of an “amazing person” to Donna, and the two share a “genuine affection for each other.” 

The source added, “Donna is a mom’s mom and only wants the best for her kids.” It seems like Taylor has not only won the heart of her beau but also the approval of his momma bear, and her friends couldn’t be happier that she’s found love outside the entertainment industry. 

In her 70s and basking in the glow of her children’s success, Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna, is thoroughly enjoying the excitement surrounding her kids’ achievements and the positive impact it’s had on her life.

Donna is eagerly looking forward to furthering her acquaintance with Taylor and welcomes the opportunity to get to know her better.

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