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Triple 9 Movie Review

Triple 9

Dirty cops. The Russian mob. Superhero masks. Severed heads. A heist gone bloody wrong. Those are just a few of the elements that go into making Triple 9 a crime caper like no other.

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It helps that the ringmaster of all this whup-ass is John Hillcoat, the Aussie director who made his bones with 2005’s The Proposition, a classic revenge Western.

Triple 9

Triple 9 doesn’t go that deep into the heart of human darkness. But it rattles and hums along Georgia’s mean streets like a machine built to batter. Casey Affleck stars as Chris Allen, a rookie Atlanta cop trying to stay legal.

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His hinky buds, cops and special-ops vets played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Clifton Collins Jr., Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus, tag him for a patsy.

Triple 9 Movie

That comes in handy when they’re blackmailed by the Russians in the person of Irina (Kate Winslet having a blast with the accent, the wig, the attitude and the chance to go bug-fuck nuts). They’ve already robbed a bank for her. Now Irina wants more (something about saving her boss and owning the secrets of kings).

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To distract the law while they do Irina’s bidding, these bent badges decide to kill the newbie and call in a 999 – police code for “officer down.” Chaos ensues, title explained. Got that? Screenwriter Matt Cook doesn’t make it easy.

Triple 9

You kind of wish there was an app to follow the plot. But know this: Chris doesn’t die. In fact, he’s hellbent on bringing this corrupt crew to justice. No one is there for him except his rogue uncle, Detective Jeffrey Allen, played by a superb Woody Harrelson with the coiled intensity of a cobra ready to spring.

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“Your job: Out-monster the monster,” he tells Chris. Watching him do it is what makes the movie. Triple 9 is no Reservoir Dogs, but it is a twisty, terrific ride.

Triple 9

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