Exclusive Insights Unveiled: Malia and Sasha Obama’s Behind-the-Scenes Friendship with the Biden Family


Following Barack Obama’s presidency, he and Michelle Obama wholeheartedly endorsed Joe Biden, reflecting the strong bond between the two families. Obama, in his 2017 farewell speech, lauded Biden as an invaluable ally, further cementing their deep friendship, (via Teen Vogue).

The Obama and Biden families share a unique intergenerational bond, evident in the camaraderie between their children and grandchildren. Malia and Sasha Obama, who grew up in the White House spotlight, have maintained a low public profile, avoiding social media fame.

Their rare public appearances, like a 2017 throwback photo shared by Biden’s granddaughter Naomi, highlight their close ties with the Biden family, per People.

This friendship was showcased again in April 2023 when Malia was seen in New York with Biden’s grandchildren, Maisy and Beau Biden Jr. Despite Sasha’s absence due to college commitments, the outing underscored their enduring connection, (via Daily Mail).

In a 2021 Today Show interview, Biden’s granddaughters expressed their admiration for Malia and Sasha, citing their graceful handling of White House life as a source of inspiration and guidance. Their relationship exemplifies the importance of grace and resilience in navigating public life.

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