Speculation Surrounds Ivanka Trump’s Alleged Cosmetic Surgery Amidst $250 Million Fraud Trial Testimony

Ivanka Trump
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A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sergio Alvarez, has offered insights into the cosmetic enhancements he believes Ivanka Trump has undergone, particularly focusing on her nose and chin. Prefacing his remarks by emphasizing her beauty beyond politics, Dr. Alvarez noted noticeable changes in Ivanka’s facial features during her testimony at her father’s fraud trial in New York City.

According to Dr. Alvarez, Ivanka’s recent photos suggest alterations to her nose, with an upward turn that aligns with aesthetic standards for female noses. He also observed changes in her chin, describing it as more prominent and speculating on the use of fillers or implants. Additionally, he noted potential procedures in the cheek area, mentioning the possibility of buccal fat removal or filler injections to achieve a specific look.

She told DailyMail he thinks Ivanks got some work done! He explained:

“Ivanka Trump looks like she has had quite a makeover. Overall, her face now looks better proportioned, but less natural and more generic because her natural imperfections have been reduced.”

Dr. Alvarez, emphasizing the need for expertise in achieving natural-looking results, suggested that Ivanka has had a well-executed professional job on her face. Addressing the aging factor, he explained that fillers can contribute to a youthful appearance by maintaining roundness and fullness in the face. Dr. Alvarez acknowledged the potential for surgical interventions beyond fillers, highlighting the importance of a skilled plastic surgeon and a cooperative patient in achieving desired results.

Dr. Alvarez commented on Ivanka’s appearance, noting that it reflects a common trend among individuals born into significant real estate wealth, similar to her father, Donald Trump.

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