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Michelle Obama threatens to sue for $175 million


Despite leaving the White House in 2017, the Obamas remain one of the most talked-about families in America. We’ve covered a multitude of tabloid stories about the Obamas, and 2021 has been a year of rumors about the Obamas. Now, after much speculation, we have our top Barack Obama article for 2021. Let’s go over the jungle myth again.

Did Michelle Obama serve Barack with Ultimatum?

Back in February, the Land Seeker Michelle Obama says “she slapped Barack Obama with a promise: Clean up your work – or face a $175 million divorce.” An investigator said Obama’s marriage was on the ice, and it was up to Barack to fix it.

“Now, the marriage is hanging on,” said the consultant. “Despite their love affair in front of the cameras, they burst into tears and retreated.” According to the report, the Obamas have suffered a setback in terms of finances – especially Michelle’s lifestyle.

“Michelle thinks that the argument about spending her money is ridiculous because she is more able to support herself,” the pregnant woman said. “Now she warns Barack that her lawyers will see that he has lost more on divorce court than she could have spent in life.”

Michelle is also accused of telling her husband, “If he doesn’t stop playing, she’ll be fine!” The story ends with, “He may have been the most powerful man in the world, but now Michelle loves time in the day – and if Barack doesn’t change his ways completely, she’ll leave him in the dust!”

Barack Obama asked Michelle to stop burning money?

In some ways, this report is incorrect. For starters, Michelle’s memoir Attendance has been a best-seller for three years, so it’s intriguing to speculate that money became a nightmare for her and Barack. The magazine also used a birthday message sent by Barack to Michelle as evidence that he was trying to change his ways. But it hasn’t been more than a year since the couple took to social media to express their sadness that he didn’t wish his wife a “happy birthday.”

Finally, the announcement mentions Barack attempting to hold Michelle’s hand at Biden’s inauguration as further proof that he was committed to the job.

Because all of the magazine’s arguments have failed to support her story, there is no reason to take it seriously. And, since there are no more reliable reports of the Obamas’ release date, it can be concluded that it is all rumor.

Some News About Barack Obama

While this is undoubtedly the worst news about the former president this year, Land Seeker provides us with plenty of options. The station claimed earlier this year that Michelle was earning “$ 1 million” to save their marriage.

The magazine then claims that Barack left his old friends by breaking the Biden virus rules. More recently, the book claimed Michelle “abusing” Barack by pressuring him to seek treatment. Clearly, the Questioner is correct. It is untrustworthy when it comes to Barack or anyone else in the Obama family.

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