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Khloe Kardashian’s Accuser is Full of Crap


KhloeKardashianRecently a transgender person claimed that Khloe Kardashian had violently beaten her up at a club in LA. The evidences however tell that the accuser is full of crap and nothing as such happened. All the evidences are against the accuser.

The name of that transgender person is Chantal Spears and she has filed a case against Khloe which she says she will only take back if Khloe Kardashian pays her $150,000. However all the evidences are against Chantal.

The surveillance video has proved that there was no contact between Khloe and Chantal at the club. The valet driver also gave his statement that he was standing between the couple and Chantal and there was no contact. Chantal was also interviewed by LAPD and they claimed that she was not even injured. The LAPD said that there was nothing there and they also declined to prosecute. People want to know whether Khloe is going to pay Chantal or not going shooing away.

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