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Penelope Cruz Is Happy About Getting Old


penelope-cruz-is-happy-about-getting-oldIt seems that the Spanish beauty, Penelope Cruz is happy about the fact that she is getting old. “It’s a good thing to be old, because that means you haven’t dies yet and when I do get older, I want to have the grace to be proud of it, not to lie about it or try to fight it”, she said.

This ‘Women on top’ does not intend to have plastic surgeries for the impression of looking young as she is inspired by the attitude of her grandparents towards the old age. “I was very close to both of my grand parents growing up, they lived long into old age and they were always beautiful to me. They loved life and it showed on their faces. Of course my face will change as I get older, but that’s OK”.

The 36 year old actress, Cruz admires those women who don’t fight growing old, women like Sophia, Loren or Audrey Hepburn.


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