“It wouldn’t be his first divorce” Questions Swirl as Melania Trump Stays Out of Spotlight During Key Campaign Moments

 “It wouldn’t be his first divorce” Questions Swirl as Melania Trump Stays Out of Spotlight During Key Campaign Moments


With the Associated Press reporting that former first lady Melania Trump was nowhere to be seen at the first presidential debate in Atlanta just over a week ago, more questions are emerging about her involvement in her husband’s bid to return to the White House.

When pressed about her role in the campaign at Trump’s election kick-off, Melania simply told reporters, “Stay tuned.” However, her absence has been noted across several significant events. “The former first lady noticeably did not accompany the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on any of the days of his more than month-long hush money trial in New York.

She was not there last month for the guilty verdict or the following day for his remarks at Trump Tower. She also did not appear June 14 at a 78th birthday party organized for Trump by his fan club, or at any of the campaign rallies he has held in recent months,” the AP noted.

Her continuing absence has led Forbes to report, “Several analysts suggest the former first lady might also be planning to take a step back from political life if Donald Trump wins a second presidential term.” In an opinion column for the Daily Beast, writer Nell Scovell speculated that Melania’s vanishing act might be more than just a distaste for campaigning and standing by her husband during his legal troubles.

Despite her absence from public events, Melania has been participating in Trump fundraisers, including one scheduled for Monday at Trump Tower, which keeps her out of the public eye. Scovell also noted that the former president has been questioned about Melania’s absences. In response, Trump told NBC’s Kristen Welker, “At the appropriate time—she’ll be out there.”

With the 2024 campaign now in full swing, the question remains: where is she? “It must feel humiliating. Still, Trump needs Melania’s support to win. He knows it. She knows it. And right now, she has the leverage to decide when and where she will campaign—and, presumably, how much money will flow from Trump’s PAC into her bank account for each appearance,” Scovell wrote.

She speculated further, “If Melania drags her heels about returning to the White House, Trump could become the first sitting president to get a divorce.” It wouldn’t be his first divorce. “Trump’s marriage to Ivana, the mother of his three eldest children, lasted about 15 years. His marriage to Marla Maples lasted less than five. Melania married Trump in 2005, so the 54-year-old former model has already put in 19 hard years,” Scovell added.

As the campaign progresses, all eyes will be on Melania to see when and if she re-emerges on the political stage, and what her role will be in her husband’s ambitious return to the White House.

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