Meghan Markle’s Past Role REVEALED: Whoopi Goldberg SLAMS Her Comments – What You Didn’t Know!”

Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan Markle
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Before her royal life and the fame from Suits, Meghan Markle tried to make her mark in Hollywood. From her surprising stint on the iconic game show ‘Deal or No Deal’ to appearances in popular TV shows like CSI: NY and 90210, the Duchess has indeed come a long way.

Meghan’s role in Deal or No Deal as a briefcase girl in 2006 is one that she now reflects on with mixed feelings. On her podcast, Archetypes, she confessed that she felt “objectified on the stage” and that it often left her with a sinking feeling of being more than what was being portrayed.

However, Donna Feldman, a co-model on the show, begs to differ. Feldman stated that while Meghan felt like a ‘bimbo’, no one she knew felt objectified during their time on the show. But, she acknowledged, experiences may vary, told Hollywood Life.

The Duchess’s comments sparked debates, with none other than Whoopi Goldberg stepping in. On ‘The View’, Goldberg expressed her disagreement, pointing out that the game show was more about the cash prize than the models.

Drawing parallels to Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White, Goldberg emphasized the performers’ nature of the job. She stated, “The objectification might be coming from you… because we’re performers. We’re not journalists, we’re actors.”

As debates swirl, it’s evident that Meghan’s journey from Hollywood to royalty remains one filled with a myriad of experiences and reflections.

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