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Laverne Cox recounts transphobic attack in L.A.: ‘Never fails to be shocking’

Laverne Cox revealed an physically attacked her and friend at Griffith Park on Saturday. Laverne Cox and her friends nearly escaped a deadly transphobic attack in Los Angeles.

Detailing the horrific incident on Instagram Live, Cox revealed that an unknown man asked her for the time at Griffith Park on Saturday.

“I’m in shock, and I’m triggered,”Cox began.

She proceeded to explain, “My friend who I’m with tells him the time—looks at his watch and tells him the time—and then the guy who had asked for the time says to my friend, ‘Guy or girl?’ My friend says, ‘[expletive] off.'”

Cox then revealed how the man physically attacked her friend out of the blue.

“I’m walking, I’m hearing all this is happening in a split second, and then all of a sudden the guy is attacking my friend, and I look back and I’m like ‘What is happening?’

“The guy is like hitting my friend, and then my friend is going towards him and I’m like ‘Holy [expletive]!’ and I pull out my phone and I call to dial 911, and all of a sudden it’s over and the guy is gone,” Cox concluded.

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