Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Need a Man to Be Happy

 Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Need a Man to Be Happy

kim-kardashian-doesnt-need-a-man-to-be-happyThe reality TV star, Kim Kardashian who has previously dated NFL player, Reggie Bush and soccer player Christiano Ronaldo, believes she could be content on her own but if true love knocks on her door she will never hesitate to open it happily, because love makes life ‘more entertaining’

“I feel like I don’t need a man, but I’m also such a hopeless romantic. I really think that having someone makes everything more entertaining” she said.

However, the 29 year old beauty after her breakup from Miles Austin is planning to remain single for the foreseeable future, but if she meets ‘Mr Right’ she will make time for dates.

“I’m happily single and having fun. But I think everybody can make time for someone they really like” she said, but on the other hand she also wants to keep it a bit quieter and more personal than her previous relationships.

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