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Katie Price Declares to be friend of Leandro Penna

Katie Price with Leandro

Katie Price with LeandroRecently Katie Price revealed all about her relationships and especially about Leandro that they are just friends and nothing more than that. She said that she is still single but Leandro is one of those guys who you go for clay pigeon shooting with and he’s touchy when you win. But that was just a laugh.

Katie was also asked whether men are scared of all the drama in her life to which she replied that this is the reason why Leandro is still in her life because he has always been very loyal and he never did a story on her and he is also good with the kids and a lot of fun. She also said that apart from all the drama in my life it is still easy for men to approach me because she is very down to earth.

Her statements about her friendship with Leandro are a bit tricky so we will have to wait till further update.

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