Kate Winslet Becomes ‘Closer’ to Leonardo


kate-winslet-becomes-closer-to-leonardoThe beautiful ‘Titanic’ heroin, Kate Winslet becomes closer to the incredibly sexy, passionate and intense Scorpio, Leonardo Di Caprio, emotionally as well as physically. Oh no I didn’t mean romantically close, I mean she has become his neighbor by buying a home near Leonardo’s home that is in Los Angeles. And what could be more pleasant then the fact that Leonardo spends most of his time in that home.

Leonardo and Kate shares a magical cosmic relationship, its more then friendship, they are like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ without being intimate. They share a kind of deep emotional bond, twin soul mates but not in romantic sense.

The Hollywood beauty does not accept that she is in love with him but believes they are like old couple in “When Harry met Sally” We hope that by getting closer to him she will finally realize the hidden passionate love that they have for each other.

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